And you thought you had all the flashlights you need

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Coleman 2AA LED flashlight

Coleman 2AA LED flashlight

One of the things I got for Christmas was an LED flashlight.  I already had an “Extreme Series” 10-LED flashlight I got a few years ago from Cabela’s, a couple of hand-cranked never-need-batteries flashlights, and an assortment of Maglites in sizes that range from pinky to “Driver’s license, registration, and insurance.”  Lantern batteryAnd I’m ignoring the old-school flashlights I’ve stuffed in the corner of the coat closet, like the one with that huge lantern spring battery.

What I got for Christmas was a Coleman’s 2AA LED flashlight, and it’s become my favorite.  Its single LED (a Cree XR-C, whatever that is) produces twice the light of the 10 LEDs in my Cabela’s and is lighter by two-thirds (though in defense of the Cabela’s I’ll note that the latter’s hefty case also doubles as a hunter’s coup de grâce weapon). And something else I’ve grown to like: the on/off button is on the back, parallel to the bulb, so you hold it CSI-style (like a javelin instead of like a frying pan) and turn it on with your thumb.


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