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Post about Compost

A few weeks ago, while having dinner at a friend’s house we were talking about composting. One person mentioned that since they did not have a big yard, composting wasn’t an option. There is a solution for you with the automatic indoor composter from NatureMill. It starts at $299 with the Plus Edition. Pretty cool!

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Started 2008 taxes on turbotax online. 25% off from Fidelity. Anything better out there?

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World’s First Vacuum Decanter

If you don’t know what to get for Christmas, here is an idea. Metrokane claims this is the world’s first vaccum decanter. I have not searched to see if this is true but if you know of others please post a comment. Reviews seem to be mixed on this unit. Main comments are around ease of use. In any case I would be interested in test driving this unit. As for the price, retail is set at $80 but you can find it on Amazon for $60.

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Watch House outside the house

If you missed House, you can catch-up at Hulu posts the latest episodes. You will have to wait 8 days or so to get last week’s episode. With high-speed internet, the quality is decent. You will have to watch a few 30 seconds adds.

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