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Geek Pop

Fans of “Code Monkey” and related songs by Jonathan Coulton should check out Geek Pop.

“Geek Pop”  got mentioned on the Nature journal podcast from March 19.  That journal’s podcast is mostly about science; the “Geek Pop” blurb was preceded by stories on molecular machines (“by combining tiny metal rings with carbon-based axles, scientists are making components for molecular machines”), hot rocks (“a nifty laser experiment helps us investigate heat flow in the Earth’s crust”), Antarctic meltdown (“a new model shows that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet could collapse in just a few thousand years”), and the state of science communication (“as the recession hits mainstream media, are blogs replacing traditional science journalism?”).

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The Big Picture

The Big Picture is a photo blog from the Boston Globe, around since May that features high-quality photos related to “current events and lesser-known stories”:

The photos are of varied subjects (current categories are: Africa, Americas, art, Asia, astronomy, ceremony, daily life, disaster, earth, environment, Europe, health, history, Middle East, politics, protest, science, sports, USA, and war). Each blog entry provides a captioned sequence of related photographs. Recent subjects include:

32 Scenes from Antarctica:
Bhutan crowns a new King (22 photos):
35 Photos of the next President of the United States:
Storm-battered Yemen (22 photos):
Enceladus up close (26 photos of Saturn’s icy moon):
19 Photos of London from above, at night:

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