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Digital cameras and Moore’s Law

Quotes from Michael Reichmann at his website, The Luminous Landscape. His experience with the Canon PowerShot G10 leads him to conclude we’ve reached another major milestone in the digital camera industry:

No one could reliably tell the difference between 13″x19″ prints shot with the $40,000 Hasselblad and Phase One 39 Megapixel back, and the new $500 Canon G10…In fact it was the H2 system’s narrower depth of field that occasionally was the only clear give-away.

These comparisons fall down when prints over about 13″x19″ are made. Once the output resolution drops below 200PPI the advantages of a 39 Megapixel sensor over a 15 Megapixels sensor become evident. And, even when smaller prints are made, cropping becomes an issue.

Also, though on prints up to 13X19″ differences are almost impossible to see, on-screen at 100% one can fairly easily tell which files are from the G10. There are artifacts visible at the micro-detail level and one can easily see other hints of what one is paying for.

But, … in medium-sized prints it’s been almost impossible for experienced photographers who I’ve shown these comparison prints to to tell the difference. Scary.

Reichmann concludes:

As Ray Kurzweil has illuminated in The Singularity is Near, once Moore’s Law states to kick-in in earnest the rate of change becomes almost exponential. That, my friends, is what we’re now starting to see in the camera industry.


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